Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge

Microsoft exams are not cheap, trust me. Thankfully after three attempts, I acquired my first one! Last year I missed out on being able to take one for free... and I just want to help the world know about it this year.

Microsoft Ignite has brought back the Cloud Skills Challenge. You can earn a free Microsoft Certification (and some other swag) but I think the main focus is the free exam seat.

If you are new to MS Certs, I would recommend the MS Ignite MS Teams Challenge. Yes, long name even with me shorting Microsoft. I picked this one because of so many companies moving to Office 365 and using Teams. Plus, this is the only challenge that mentions that it is also a certification prep - two birds, one stone!

Get an introduction to the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams, learn how to upgrade your environment from Skype for Business, and start preparing for certification. Complete one challenge in time and you will get notified on October 15th about your free Microsoft Certification exam.

Make sure you complete the modules before the challenge ends on October 7, 2020, at 7:00AM UTC - SHARP!



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