Microsoft Ignite 2020 Recap

Today is the last day for Microsoft Ignite, the online event where Microsoft talks about new features and even gives a few certification training.

One of my favorite videos from 2019 was the exam prep class for MS-900 by Mark O'Shea. (Note this is for the previous version of the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam - this was retired a few months ago).

I have been a promoter of this digital workspace. I am surprised how many companies did not have a work from home policy (I'm talking about a temporary need... like an employee just can make it in - maybe during recovery) before COVID and had to scramble to get employees remote access.

Technology has already changed the workplace from what our parents somehow survived with repetitive manual tasks... so this year, Ignite had a major focus on Digital Transformation.

Microsoft does have a 50-hour video of the event but I recommend you visit the online archive. Here you can sort by the MS product.

Matt Wade from JumpTo365 made a great recap video for you to see what sessions you may want to watch:


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