Spatial computing in the enterprise

Taiwan Brown wearing the Facebook Oculus Rift headset in 2012
 Back in 2012, I got to check out the Oculus Rift. It was interesting, I thought it was just an immersive personal video game console. Years later I got to work on a cool project while at Boeing and I got to take home a Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass. The project? How to get them into AirWatch, our Mobile Device Management system.
Taiwan Brown wearing Google Glass Headset
I got to see a really cool use case. The team assembling the planes could see all the build plans at a glance. With the recent Boeing news, I wonder if this project actually made it to factory workers. The lead engineer eventually got the devices into the MDM so that we could control and manage them remotely.

In my last post, from September 2023, I spoke about the new device management abilities for the Apple Watch.

In February 2024, Apple announced a new software update, visionOS 1.1, for the Apple Vision Pro to allow mobile device management. 

With the price of these things, I can see why companies want to know where they are and lock them down to avoid data leaks. I am sure that the hospital that bought 30 of them promptly updated all units for this capability (if Apple didn't already give them a beta version for this reason).

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