Apple Watch Device Management


During WWDC23, Apple made the announcement that watchOS would soon support device management. They could be configured for school or work.

Years ago some schools allowed the Apple Watch, and other iOS devices, the ability to add Student IDs to the wallet, allowing door access, paying in the cafe, and other things without needing a physical card.

Mosyle must have been working with Apple because they quickly announced that customers whom opt into using a beta OS version could being enrolling devices.

This is exciting to me. I think back on a project I was working on while I was managing devices for the City of Philadelphia. Leadership wanted an SOS Button for city building inspectors that might be in an altercation with a contractor or was exploring unsafe conditions.

We had vehicle tracking, but what if they parked two blocks away?

We then looked to vendors for an SOS app... but what if it was in a bag or clipboard?

My idea was to use a watch for tracking location, with a SOS app for one touch assistance.

The Apple watch is even better. We would see why a person didn't move for, say 60 minutes?

We could use the Find My network help pinpoint an employee that couldn't be reached.

Now this one is getting into "big brother" territory, but what about using the heart rate monitor to make sure all is well while on duty? The median age of inspectors skewed older. Some days were over 95 degrees and you're inspecting a building with no AC!!!

A manager also told me in the past they had issues with people driving on the highway to build up miles to get paid for - unknowing to them, the city vehicles had GPS... BUSTED!

So many use cases!

For a more technical break down, Apple created this page with video explainer: Meet device management for Apple Watch from WWDC23!

Here is the Press Release about Mosyle's watchOS MDM: Mosyle’s support for Apple Watch management is available today to all Mosyle Fuse and Mosyle OneK12 customers testing the beta versions of iOS 17 and watchOS 10.

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