Windows 10 & G Suite

Windows 10 & G Suite

Earlier this year, G Suite posted about a beta test for managing Windows 10 devices through the G Suite Admin console. Starting yesterday, this moved to general availability for all admins to enjoy. I imagine this will be slow to adopt with so many businesses that manage Windows devices already being embedded with Workspace ONE, MobileIron, or Microsoft's Endpoint Manager.
I see this being useful for organizations, like schools, that are mostly Chromebooks except for maybe the office staff. Also with the Slate for Education tablet devices becoming more affordable, might see some schools incorporate them but keep the G Suite accounts (even though 365 for education is free as well).

From Google's quick launch summary:
You can now manage and secure Windows 10 devices through the Admin console, just as you do for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Jamboard devices. This also means you can enable SSO so users can more easily access G Suite and other SSO-enabled applications on Windows 10 devices. This was previously available in beta.
Now, all G Suite admins can now use Google Credential Provider for Windows to:
Enable their organization to use existing G Suite account credentials to login to Windows 10 devices, and easily access apps and services with SSO.
Protect user accounts with Google’s anti-hijacking and suspicious login detection technologies.

Additionally, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity Premium customers can now also:
Ensure that all Windows 10 devices used to access G Suite are updated, secure, and within compliance of organizational policies.
Perform admin actions, such as wiping a device and pushing device configuration updates, to Windows 10 devices from the cloud without connecting to corp network.

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