Verizon FirstNet?

Verizon Wireless will soon be offering a FirstNet like plan.
Early this week California Firefighters complained that Verizon throttled devices needed to communicate during a battle with a wildfire. The slow data speed impacted resources. When the First Responders contacted Verizon, they were told they would need to upgrade their current plan to a new plan that is twice the cost.

Verizon stated this was an error from the customer service representative. As a former employee, I would think the Verizon CSR would have used better sense, but then again we have a quota that comes before anything.

After much backlash, CNet's Roger Cheng reports that Verizon will be lifting speed caps for First Responders:
The nation's largest wireless carrier said it's lifted all speed caps for first responders on the West Coast battling wildfires, as well as for emergency workers in Hawaii, who are dealing with Hurricane Lane. It added that if another disaster arises, it'll lift restrictions on public safety customers. 
The company said it also plans to introduce a new plan next week for first responders with unlimited data, no mobile caps and priority access.

This is interesting because of AT&T's recent agreement to run FirstNet, the priority cellular network for First Responders, with unlimited data and dedicated customer service. Congress created FirstNet Public Safety requirements after cell service was problematic for First Responders during the September 11th attacks. Many cities are switching over to AT&T for this service. It will be interesting to see how Verizon will utilize there new plan's "priority access."


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