AT&T Notice Regarding AirWatch Mobile Device Management Change in Service

If your VMware AirWatch was direct billed through AT&T, you may or will be receiving written notice about the change to Workspace ONE.

No need to be alarmed, AirWatch is being retired for WorkSpace One (powered by AirWatch).

What you will need to watch out for is the line that mentions "AT&T may change the rates, terms and conditions of the service upon required notification." AT&T will not be grandfathering current users on this plan, you will go month-to-month after your contract ends. Without a contract, I'm sure changes will apply with all of the new offering coming to Workspace ONE.

AT&T has also updated its business page to reflect the new branding:

Not sure how Sprint will handle their recently launched "AirWatch Express" ... maybe Workspace ONE Express is coming soon?


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