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While recently speaking with members of IT for a top 5 social media application, I learned that this company used AirWatch and Jamf. I thought it was a little strange to use two MDMs but I was explained that they preferred to use services that are "best-in-class" for each mobile device.

Jamf is a leading MDM for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV management. They also have a very active user base, Jamf Nation.

I recently have seen a posting for a mobility position requiring Jamf 300 certification. If you are like me, and not familiar with this platform, Jamf offers a free course: Jamf 100.

According to the site:
The Jamf 100 Course offers an introduction to macOS, iOS, tvOS and the Jamf Pro server. This foundational course explores enterprise management of Apple products with Jamf Pro, and prepares students for our instructor-led Jamf 200 Course. This is a self-paced, completely free, and online course.
Take a spin on the course, very interesting stuff here and great videos. Once you feel you have a foundational knowledge on this Apple management platform, you can turn this into an entry-level certification for only $100 dollars.

I am currently working through the course and plan to take the exam before the end of the year. I think this entry certification is great to add to your resume. Searching job portals for "Jamf" returns a lot of hits.

I might even look into the instructor-led Jamf 200 Course.

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