Welcome to MobilityEngineer.com

Welcome to MobilityEngineer.com

Hello! Welcome to MobilityEngineer.com! My name is Taiwan Brown and I created this site because I wanted a better way to collect and share resources than just my bookmarks folder. Here I will be curating content that will help professionals in the Enterprise Mobility space.

As more companies embrace mobile computing, and smartphones become more powerful, Mobility Engineers along with Mobility Analysts (also known as Wireless Telecom Analysts) will be needed to meet the wireless needs of the workforce.

To my knowledge, Enterprise Mobility professionals do not have a resource to find information on purchasing, rugged device reviews, Apps for Enterprise, best practices for deployment, etc... I hope to fill this void here.

Along with this blog, I have also created a Wiki that will allow me and others to quickly create encyclopedia-style pages. The Wiki will also have a discussion forum for us to communicate. 

Curation and discussion will also take place at our subreddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/MobilityEngineer.

I can be found on Twitter at Twitter.com/TaiwanBrown


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