HP Device as a Service for Apple

I never ran out to buy the newest Apple products but I did enjoy hearing Steve Jobs give a presentation. One of my favorite talks he gave was to the Cupertino City Council about his proposal for the new Apple Campus on June 7, 2011, at the Cupertino Community Hall.

He talks about idolizing William "Bill" Redington Hewlett and David "Dave" Packard, who started Hewlett-Packard, known today as HP. Bill Hewlett gave him a summer job at HP. Years later, as HP was downsizing, he brought the property HP was selling for Apple.

And now, full circle, HP recently expanded it's Device as a Service (DaaS) to now offer Apple devices such as: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac.

What is HP Device as a Service (DaaS)?  
From HP's FAQ:
HP DaaS delivers a modern consumption model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip their employees with the right hardware, accessories, and lifecycle services to get the job done, while improving end user productivity, IT efficiency, and cost predictability.
Key benefits of HP DaaS?
Again from HP's FAQ:
• A broad selection of best in class devices and accessories delivered as a Service from HP 
• One-stop simplicity with plans that include device support, repair or replacement services, fleet security and management, and other lifecycle services tailored to your business needs. All with one-price-perdevice and monthly payments. 
• More insightful and proactive fleet management with HP’s actionable and predictive analytics that can identify issues before they become a problem and help optimize IT asset life and budgets. 
• Reduce the day-to-day workload on IT so they can focus on projects that move the business forward. With plans that include unified device management perfomed by HP Service Agents, and a portfolio of other lifecycle services from deployment to end-of-use and everything in between, you can maximize your resources. 
What are the plans available with HP DaaS?
Via HP's FAQ:
Choose from three foundational plans: Standard, Enhanced or Premium. HP DaaS plans include hardware support, repair and replacement service, and unique analytics and proactive management capabilities for better fleet management. The levels of concierge-like fleet monitoring and management provided by DaaS Service Agents varies by HP DaaS plan selected. Each plan can be tailored to include HP or HP partner managed lifecycle services including everything from installation and labeling to workplace support for users and safe disposal and recycling. Visit www.hp.com/go/daas for plan details.

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